A review by landryhunter
My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh


hm. i could have enjoyed this book if you’re framing it as a character study of someone with depression and unlike-ability.

however, otherwise, i don’t think you can accurately portray the lethargy and grief of depression with a character who is white, rich, and gorgeous. no one can actually sleep for a year.

and when i say the main character was unlikeable, i mean she was reaaaaally unlikeable. calling an exboyfriend in a new relationship, and telling him you were sexually assaulted just to manipulate him into coming back over? only giving a damn about your friend once she’s dead? yeah fuck that.

and that FUCK ASS 9/11 ENDING ARE YOU SHITTING ME. omg!! the lady i saw jumping from the Twin Towers is so real!!!! because she looked so awake!! and like my now dead friend! SHUT THE FUCK UP.