A review by jokun
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, by Kiersten White



I picked up this book because 1) Barnes and Nobles had it out as a Halloween display and 2) "Frankenstein" is one of my favorite books. I really enjoyed this book told from a different character POV, especially from one of the female characters. HOWEVER (and this is a big however) I did not like that the author took artistic liberties with the ending of the story, which I thought was a perfect ending to begin with.

The entire story is Elizabeth looking for Victor, eventually finding him after creating his monster. Most of the story continues on through Elizabeth's POV, but instead of being murdered on her wedding night, Elizabeth befriends the monster, and runs to North to escape Victor. Elizabeth eventually kills Victor in self defense and dies in the process. She is ironically brought back to life by the same science and technology that created the monster.

I just can't with endings like that. I wished the author stayed true to the novel laid out for her and wrote her story around Shelly's novel. I started reading this book because I knew the violent, tragic, and heartbreaking ending that awaited the characters (I can be morbid at times), but I was wrong. Mary Shelley wrote a masterpiece and White didn't need to dissect it (pun intended) the way she did.