A review by sharonleavy
Bet Me, by Lila Monroe


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Lizzie is on strike - she has had enough of men. She sends a video to her sister letting her know that she is now off sex for the forseeable future, but whoops! It uploads to the internet instead!

Leaving aside that this is something that absolutely irks the SHIT out of me (how do you "accidentally" upload something to YouTube? You have to hit publish and set tags. How does it get enough views overnight to go viral? Why did nobody ring her and tell her? Nggggaaghhhhhggghhhh)

Anyway, enter.......our sexy male lead whose name I've forgotten. Carter?

Nope, Jake. Jake Weston and Lizzie have met before......but it didn't end well. Now, the chemistry is sizzling, but does Jake really want Lizzie or is he just trying to get her to break her strike?

Apart from the horrible central plot of entry into a woman's vagina being valued at $50,000, this was actually quite witty and funny. The dialogue reminded me a lot of Samantha from Sex and the City (so if that kind of frank sex talk including the c-word offends you, maybe steer clear). It was an easy read, I liked the main characters, and it was perfect switch-off-from-reality material.

Also, can we PLEASE have more books where people work in Museums and Galleries? I felt like it was really Prue Halliwell circa Charmed Season 1, working with rare antiques and hard-to-find pieces and I really loved that aspect of it.