A review by randi_in_horrorland
Aphrodite Made Me Do It, by Trista Mateer


Thank you to netgalley for my free e-ARC copy of this book!
This is my first poetry book I have ever read before. I actually didn’t know this was poetry when I requested it. I normally don’t enjoy poetry as I find it rather boring, but this book was not boring at all. I devoured this book in about 30 minutes... I just couldn’t put it down.
This book cover so many controversial subjects, LGBTQ, abuse, rape, etc and helps talk a woman through it in such an empowering way. I found myself highlighting entries and wanting to put them on sticky notes all throughout my house. Honestly, these quotes should be yelled at from the rooftops!
“Love has little to do with blood relations and more to do with who you choose to bleed for”
YAAAAAS QUEEN! This quote validates how I choose my circle and who I consider family.
I need to buy a copy of this book for myself and for all my lovely females out there.