A review by meliemelo
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown


Not sure where to start. I think I'll do this with bullet points. Starting with the baaad.

- pacing : yeah, right, no. Just... it wasn't very well handled in this one. About 32% of the book (thank you Kindle) takes place in one location where, well, not that much happens. Yes, we do get a bit of backstory and a lot of explanation, but I'm sure it could have been done more smoothly. The complaint I used to hear about this book when it got out was "the part in [place] is so loooooong." Now I get why.

- writing : yet again, not the best - or, rather, I'm not fond of it. Some sentences were really awkwardly done.

- research : the thing is, all the parts on History and the symbols could be impressive. Could be. Except that there was so much of what I call "fake French" that it was hard to take it seriously. I'm sorry, but when people from Paris start speaking French like Google Translate, it makes me wonder how much research was put in other areas of the book.

- story : interesting. And I did keep coming back to it, even though I had seen the movie. So yes, definitely a good point on this one.

- characters : I had loved Silas in the movie (Paul Bettany helped), here he gets a little bit more development so yay. Other characters are interesting, but I wasn't captivated either.

So... I wouldn't say it's a bad book. Hell, I actually did like it, and I'll probably read others in this series. But I wouldn't qualify it as a good one either.