A review by stradequit
Looking Glass by Andrew Mayne


The Naturalist is one of the best self contained stories I’ve ever read with perfect suspense and mystery elements. Sadly, Looking Glass does not live up to its predecessor. Naturalist gives an interesting perspective of a vigilante working against the law, getting hospitalized and jailed by the people who are supposed to help him. Yet despite having the street cred gained by catching a serial killer, the Looking Glass is almost entirely Theo Cray vs the Law. It comes off as forced when the only thing between Theo and catching a killer is a corrupt government and police force. It’s unrealistic that of the people who spend their lives protecting citizens, none of them want to help Theo. I expected the book to be a follow up on Theo’s amazing ability to catch killers but it was more of a second examination on corruption in the police force. It’s well written and plotted but not what I wanted or expected: 3/5