A review by ankitakhataniar
Almost Damned by Christopher Leibig


Here is a remarkable book. I have read many legal thrillers, but this is the first one where the thrilling experience is combined with the supernatural. The main character has a twist that adds to the unusual narrative. To bring in Biblical characters certainly piqued my interest. The novel was almost philosophical, filled with references from religious texts. The book will book your interest right from the prologue, and that's always a good sign. The MC is very engaging, thus making the story very enthralling. The legal aspects (the average mortal aspects) have been superbly portrayed. The focal point of the point were the trials. The thrill element was on point with the layered plot.
While reading this, I was perplexed at some parts, as the characters seemed to have a backstory, so I searched and found that Almost Damned is a sequel to Almost Mortal. I finished the sequel first and then went for the prequel, but I recommend you read Almost Mortal first. It is not a given, but it will certainly help. My rating is five stars.