A review by kkulmel
Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Aiden is the best book boyfriend, in the entire world of books.
Jen got me hooked with this book and pulled me into this world, and then the next of hers, and the next, and now I've read almost every(almost, as in 29 of her 33 books currently out)
Aiden and Alex have a beautiful chemistry. He's poetic and she's wild and they're both so brave and beautiful together and just... ugh.
Eyes that turn to quicksilver when he's turned on, that harden into steel when hes defensive, that cloud into rainclouds when he's sad. I am completely tied up in Aiden and I have no intent to attempt to untangle myself. I think i am just in love with this fictional charactor as he is with his own(fictional) girlfriend.