A review by heniaakbar
One of Us Is Next, by Karen M. McManus


Not much crime going on, a little too much love romantic subplots for my taste, and the closure seems rather bazaar...oh I meant, bizarre.

It's still fast-paced, tho, and I like how the high school students' life is so relatable in this book. Family drama is also convincing and good, for all it matters. That gossip thing and how the characters' life intertwined with one another.

It's just, in the first Bayview mystery, it's about the mystery. Now, it seems shallow and petty, the said vengeance. I remember the first book gives Nate & Bronwyn's relationship as something cute, but here Maeve and Luis's relationship is more like one of those insta-love tropes I can live without.

And I think Karen is relying too much on her successful Bayview Four. I care more about Nate than any other boys / characters in this book. Not a bad sequel but unnecessary, nonetheless.