A review by bibliophilogy
The Great Godden, by Meg Rosoff


Thank you so much to Pansing for sending me a review copy of this book! All opinions are my own and this book is now available in all good bookstores so grab a copy now!

Three-word description : summer, love, family
My rating : 3.25 / 5 stars

This book is so unique, I’d say! It is a short read that I picked up and I find myself flying through the book because I really want to figure this book out! I feel like it reads like a modern classic, the protagonist is never mentioned of their name, I think it was intentional to keep mystifying the book up in a way? I did enjoy my time reading it and I definitely think this is a fun book to pick up if you want something different.

So, I do not think there is much to spoil because this is the kind of book that everyone would have caught different things because it’s so ambiguous? Yet it is such beautifully written, the writing style is so lyrical and just somewhat magical and it keeps you wanting more! I did not expect things to go the way it did.

We meet the Godden boys, both so different you could not help but root for one of them. (No spoilers!) I love the dynamics, from how the author handles interpersonal relationships to giving each character an edge and their personalities, you can kind of see a little of yourself in all of the characters, it feels just magical somehow!

I do like the story, but some may find the ambiguity of the story less enjoyable, it is another type of storytelling technique I guess and this may definitely be a hit or miss with no in betweenness. I think I liked the book enough, but I kind of long for more development, maybe a little longer to see the story really wrapped up nicely and come full circle as the ending was kind of abrupt.

If this sounds interesting to you, I do recommend you picking this up. It’s very different, and I’d suggest to go into it without any expectations and you may find yourself enjoying the read more! Give this book a try I’d say, it may be your cup of tea!