A review by gemrox
Tales of the Dead by Talmage Powell, Ardath Mayhar, Henry S. Whitehead, E.F. Benson, Aubrey Davidson, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Théophile Gautier, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bill Pronzini, Bryce Walton, Edward D. Hoch, Carl Jacobi, Hugh Clifford, Robert Bloch, Fredric Brown, L. Sprague de Camp, Morris L. West, Fletcher Pratt, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Joe R. Lansdale, Cornell Woolrich, John Russell, Edgar Allan Poe, Barry N. Malzberg, Donald A. Wollheim, Stephen King, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Conan Doyle, C.M. Eddy Jr., Charles L. Grant, William B. Seabrook, Henry Slesar


Overall, this book has widened my knowledge to certain superstitions but as you can see I had mixed reviews on the stories. However, I would not call it horror.

Papa Benjamin - 3/5 - interesting. Mixture of mentality vs voodooism.
Dead men working in the cane fields - 4/5 - very short but entertaining.
Digging at pistol key - 3/5 - instant karma
Isle of voices - 3/5 - interesting idea
Exú - 4/5 - confusing but entertaining!
Seventh sister - 4/5 - probably my favourite so far!
Devil doll - 4/5 - short but poignant
Candidate - 3/5 - short but interesting
Monkeys - 4/5 - good ending
Bones - 4/5 - introduces science going too far
Vengeance of nitocris - 5/5 - love a good revenge tale
Mummy’s foot - 3/5 - very strange
Eyes of the mummy - 3/5 - curious but cringe
The princess -3/5 - morbid
Edinburgh lady - 5/5 - Brilliant poem
Indigestion - 3/5 - schizophrenic cannibal
Disturb not my slumbering fair - 5/5 - most interesting
Quietly now - 4/5 - love the ending
Memento Mori - 3/5 - more interesting then morbid

Would not reread:
Mother of serpents
7 turns in hangman’s rope
Powers of darkness
Lot No. 249
Some words with a mummy
Weekend magus
Eagle claw rattle
The other room
Revelation in seven stages
Body snatchers
Loved dead
Chadbourne episode
The ghoul
Spherical ghoul - (clever)
Corpus delectable
Gray matter (ew germs)