A review by whatmadsreads
On a Night of a Thousand Stars, by Andrea Yaryura Clark


Wow wow...this book! Not gonna lie, it started out a little slow and I kept putting it down for other things, but yesterday I decided to read a good chunk and ended up finishing it because I was hooked!

This is a dual-timeline story, taking place in Argentina in the 1970s and 1998. In 1998 Paloma travels with her family to Argentina as her father is becoming ambassador to the UN, but Paloma has seen people speaking to her father and the things they are saying make her wonder. As she starts digging, she realizes she maybe doesn’t know her father at all.

Flashing back to the 1970s we see Paloma’s father, Santiago, as a college student living in the years leading up to the military dictatorship, and what really happened to him and those he loved as danger gets closer and closer. As Paloma is learning more, she realizes her father, and herself, may still be in danger.

This is a beautiful and heartbreaking story. I didn’t know anything about Argentina’s history before picking this one up and definitely want to learn more! @andreaclarkbooks grew up in Argentina in the 1970s and I believe did a wonderful job honoring these stories! An easy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for me!

Thank you to Grand Central Pub for the gifted copy! Pub date: March 1, 2022.