A review by phoenixinthecity
Window Shopping, by Tessa Bailey


I'm really glad that I avoided all the reviews and podcasts featuring Window Shopping because I loved this and I'm sure if I hadn't, it would have crumpled under the expectations/hype.
Definitely see the Ted Lasso inspo for Aiden - I really appreciated Stella's observations about how despite being an ex-con, she knew from meeting the different women that she was incarcerated with that she had privilege despite being imprisoned for 4 years.
I loved Stella's journey in this book - we meet her when she's a month out of jail and she's still finding her feet, insecure about whether or not she can be a different person. Meeting Aiden and the different people at Vivant gave her confidence and she came into her own when she confronts Nicole in the end. This felt great. And now I'm ready to watch season 2 of Ted Lasso.