A review by nicolemdav28
The Fake Mate by Lana Ferguson


3 stars. 4 spicy.
I liked this book alot. I love ABO and I'm happy to see it in becoming more popular in romance books and authors I like to read. But I am conflicted on this story.

I liked the premise of it, I loved the aspects of ABO coming in throughout the storyline but a lot of the story felt very repetitive. The lack of communication drove me nuts and I felt the separation wasn't really needed. But I did enjoy the back story of someone finding him out and how that they played out and I did enjoy their reconnection.

I find with many of these books, while I love the fake dating trope so much, that whenever they get into sex and then dating, it's really hard to get that romantic connection I really want. Like can't we just have a big love reveal without all the sex or sex talk? I found myself rolling my eyes near the end whenever they were intimate again.

Overall a pretty decent book I was addicted to reading and seeing how it played out. Pretty good.