A review by logikitty
Please Remain Calm, by Courtney Summers


Wow. This novella addition to the original novel "This is Not a Test" absolutely broke my heart and left me with no feelings of closure that I felt good about. Rhys and Sloane are together for most of the book until they tumble off the edge into river rapids where they're separated...Rhys is picked up by a family that all end up dying incredibly simple, sacrificial deaths. Ainsley's death is the most painful of them all RIGHT AT THE END of the novella when she finally speaks and says "I'm cold" all for it to be the cold of the infested death. Do Rhys and Sloane ever make it to the cabin? Do they end up waiting out the infestation? Are they run over too and end up infested? No loose ends tied, just a whole lot of heart tearing. I cried quite a bit at the end. What a great no-happy-ending series.