A review by jamieleepilk
Three Women, by Lisa Taddeo

challenging dark reflective sad slow-paced


This book was nothing like what I thought it would be based on other peoples recommendations and reviews. Recommendations and reviews I might add that are covering the inside cover of the book, to the point where looking at them I felt like I was reading a totally different book.
Going in I thought this would be a straight forward non-fiction look at female desire, focusing on the lives of three women. What I got was a book that is three women's stories regurgitated in a way that makes them read like fiction, the writing itself was emotive, raw and extremely well crafted but it just fell a little flat? I was unsure as the point of the book as I didn't seem to actually be about female desire at all. It was hard to read a lot of this book seen as it contains a lot of trauma, assault and abuse.
I feel like the goal for this book was brilliant but the execution less so. I would have probably much preferred it to be more like the Prologue and the Epilogue, reading the Prologue I thought that this was what I was in for and I was excited but sadly for me it did go downhill from there.
I will say that I can see Taddeo's writing talent and I will most likely be picking up her fictional novel that is out later this year to see if that is better suited to what I was after. I'm gutted that this fell flat for me after all the sparkling reviews and recommendations.

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