A review by the_clavicule_of_ac
Ruinsong, by Julia Ember


2.75 ⭐️

Cadence is nothing more than a tool of the Queen’s, used to torture the country’s nobility. Cadence knows what she is forced to do is wrong, but she’s scared of what would happen if she doesn’t obey. When Cadence is reunited with an old childhood friend- who just happens to be a noble- she must make a choice. Turn against the Queen and save her country, or remain the Queen’s monster.

I had such high hopes for this book. I love everything having to do with magic, and to tout a good sapphic romance- I should be sold. Unfortunately the romance between Remi and Cadence just didn’t work for me. It felt way too instalove.

The world building and character development just wasn’t there. There is so much potential here. The magic system with the singing, the significance of what season babies are born, the different goddesses worshiped. All touched on but never fully developed. So many plot lines introduced and go nowhere. How does the singing magic work? Why does volume make a difference? If someone is deaf would it not work on them? Who are the different goddesses really and why are they worshipped? I have a lot more questions like this, but I don’t want to spoil things. You get it.

The author also makes a point to let the reader know the race of each person. For no reason. Race never comes into play in the story. We also don’t see any race beyond black and white. And the story is 95% white. So why do this? It just felt really odd.

This book has a truly unique premise, it just didn’t deliver for me.