A review by lexiscee
Verity, by Colleen Hoover


Uhh yeah. I know this book is a thriller and all, but this book is crazy.

I feel like I don't know Lowen's character at all, despite this book being in first person present tense.

I can handle a lot of dark books, but the dark themes/topics in this book put me more on edge for some reason. Maybe because children are involved. But it got too dark too fast for me.

The sheer amount of sex scenes is honestly ridiculous. I felt like 70% of the book talked about sex.

And the ending was purely for shock value. And parts of the plot were just too unbelievable.

That being said, I gave a star for the writing style. Despite the plot itself being slow moving, the writing style was engaging and kept me in suspense, and I enjoyed the tidbits about being a writer.