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Rising by Bronwyn Eley


I really liked this conclusion; I think this is a clear case of a highly original trilogy that not many people know and undoubtedly deserves more love. In this book, we explore more the characters' thoughts in general, especially Kaylan's, who's now going through a massive change in herself and must face a last challenge. There are excellent plot twists and moments that take your breath away; I think of the three books. This one it's the most challenging and intense book so far, which leads to a great ending that I really liked.


4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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In this concluding book of the Relic trilogy, we accompany Kaylan and her friends in the last part of their journey to destroy the stones once and for all. But along the way, she has forged an even more intense connection with The Relic, which continues to be a questionable source for Kaylan, and even when this could be her path to victory, she doesn't know if she can fully trust it.

It's difficult to describe the third book, so this review will be pretty vague; I invite you to read my previous reviews in case you want to know more about the plot of these books. But broadly speaking, we always follow the same guiding thread, the darkness and the danger that magic represents in this world and the fragility of the human being. It's extremely interesting because, as I think I've said before, not only it's a perfect fantasy world, but it's also one of those books that focuses more than anything on mental fragility and the darkness behind people's intentions; it's fascinating and complex. The fantastical world is very solid, but it's not what stands out for me, but rather the characters and the use of the mind in these books is fantastic.

The author's style has grown a lot during the books; in this one, I highlight this point; the author manages to convey everything that the characters feel in a very raw way so that you feel committed to the journey of the main character. I believe that Kaylan's journey has made her grow a lot despite some challenges that she has still in her life. I think that she has managed to understand a lot about herself and has been able to kill some of her mental demons, and that's wonderful; at the end of the day, I'm glad where her story gone.

It isn't much else I can share, but I really invite you to read this fantastic trilogy; we follow an incredibly dark story at times that speaks a lot about mental health in some way but also explores the magic and its adverse effects on people, in addition, we go through different states together along with the characters, where we meet them in different ways, and I love that. The world's construction is outstanding, especially as we progress during each book it improves and improves, also the atmosphere is brilliant and one of my favorite things! Such a great story, which I cannot fail to recommend. Every step we take is shocking, and the author shows excellent talent by giving us incredible twists that will make you addicted to this story.