A review by readingwithcatherine
A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future, by David Attenborough


I recommend this book as an excellent primer for someone that doesn't have a science degree and an excess knowledge of ecology and climate change. The first third or so is a summation of different ecological processes that humans are changing and that are affecting global climate. As a scientist, none of this was a surprise to me, in fact I've taught a lot of it to my students. But it's an excellent educational venture and I would recommend the audiobook (David Attenborough reads the whole thing to you) to all adults.

It changes pace after the initial informative section, and reviews what countries are currently doing to work towards a more sustainable planet and gives guides for the future. I'm glad that there was a theme of hope rather than ONLY what we are doing wrong. This is my wheelhouse and I loved it.