A review by ljrinaldi
The Art of Ramona Quimby: Sixty-Five Years of Illustrations from Beverly Cleary's Beloved Books by Anna Katz


True confession. I grew up with the Beverly Cleary books. Even when I outgrew them, I still read them, I loved them so. Granted, Ramona and Her Father was a bit of a downer, but other than that, they were so much fun, and as Beverly Cleary said, when asked what year they were supposed to have taken place, her answer was "childhood".

And while going through this book which celebrates all things Ramona, I am struck by how many of the pictures I am familiar with, as the artists who drew the series changed with time. Louis Darling, in the earlier books, with the look of the 1950s, then Alan Tiegreen, which was more 1970s. Joanne Scribner was even later in the books life, and my life, as I outgrew, but still loved the books, and saw the Romana was in the 1980s now. And this book introduced even more recent illustrators, Tracy Dockray and Jacqueline Rogers.

This book celebrating all things Ramona, both in text and in illustration, is such a great way to see how she is the same, yet different, in each instance, how the illustrator has captured her look and feel.

Highly recommended to any and all lovers of Beverly Cleary and Romana

THanks to NetGalley for making this book available for an honest review.