A review by daisymoon
The Nonviolence Handbook: A Guide for Practical Action by Michael N. Nagler


A very interesting little (short) book. I liked how it was both a thorough definition of nonviolence and an explanation on how to use it. After the text there were books recommendations to go further on one's exploration of the concept of nonviolence, I added most of those books to my to-read list.

On the concept of nonviolence, I don't really know what I think yet. I always admired nonviolent protests, movements and personalities but I'm not sure I would subscribe to all of the ideas that go with it. I need to educate myself more to really make up my mind about it.

I really loved the whole point about violence = deshumanisation and nonviolence = humanisation (probably not a word). It really spoke to me, and showed me another reason why deshumanisation in any form is so dangerous.