A review by malgosiareads
Poetry Comics by Grant Snider

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 Poetry is close to my heart because simple words can touch such fundamental topics and move sometimes a scaled heart. This time, I decided to take upon the book to add two elements to poetry, I would never think about: children's book and graphic novel/comic book. In its simplicity, the author underlines the simple moments of childhood, and the mindfulness of it, and brings charm to mundane tasks through the words and graphics. I love the drawings. Their colors and message helped to understand sometimes complex words. The poetry on its own had an impact and made me think after every page about the essence of life. The whole book is divided into 4 parts to represent each calendar season. For each season, we also get a bonus tip on how to write poetry.

Overall, the book is not only for children but easy to be an amazing gift for an adult who are looking for something to practice their mindfulness and connect to their inner child during their therapeutic journey.