A review by lady_loki
The Sun Is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon


2.5 stars
Me throughout this book:

This book is the definition of instalove. I was really bored and hated both of the main characters, but I forgot their names... so they are now person 1 (the girl) and person 2 (the boy). Person 1 was annoying and seemed egocentric to me, and person 2 gave me Edward Cullen vibes (aka stalkerish vibes). Both of the characters were plain and boring and I hated them...

So, usually I don't mind instalove, but this instalove was horrible. I mean, after HOURS these too are *clears throat* ✨iN LoVe ✨ You could have at least given it one or two days, but noooo it HAD to be hours! Every time these two talked about how In LoVe they were I rolled my eyes and gagged (then again that could just be my dark soul).
This book also had weird pacing, because they were walking around New York for a day, but with everything they were doing (museum, karaoke, going to a hair store twice, seeing person 1's parents and probably more) seemed like it should have taken two or three days.

BUT this book isn't all that bad... for one, there's the cover... it's really pretty... then there's the racial representation... and-and...

and that's it.... Yeah... this book is 1.5 stars now...