A review by jadeshea
A Dirty Shame, by Liliana Hart


The second book in the J.J. Graves Mystery series begins when J.J. comes back to town and literally stumbles upon a dead body. This horrible murder is one of the worst she's ever seen, and she's seen a whole lot. Not only is she jumping right back into the frying pan, she's also going to have to deal with all of the rumors going around, and of how Jack is going to handle things with her being there again. Jack was hurt when she left before, but he understood, now J.J. is going to have to figure out what she feels for him, and try to solve this murder before things start to get a little out of hand.

This one was extremely good! It had all of the suspense as the first one, but it also had more in depth stuff about J.J. and Jack. I really like where the author is going with them, and I can not wait to read more. This is truly a very great mystery, filled with awesome suspense, a beautiful romance, and more.