A review by fourestxx
A Strange and Brilliant Light by Eli Lee


A Strange and Brilliant Light focuses on three main characters: Lal, Janetta and Rose who are living in a time of technological development and advancement, with AI (Auts) gradually replacing humans within the workforce leading to high levels of unemployment, discontent and social upheaval.

The three perspectives are all very different and I found Rose the most relatable – an ordinary worked wanting to see change in her society but unsure how best to approach it.

Lal on the other hand is a huge fan of innovation and is seeking to better herself in the corporate world of AI. While Janetta, the hardest of the three to connect with in my opinion, is a genius level student of AI but seems to spend much of the story wallowing in her failed relationships.

I didn’t find the three girls to be particularly strong characters and they each seemed to maintain relationships with or pander to the feelings of other more obnoxious characters (i.e.: Malin, Taly, Alec, etc).

The concept of human jobs being replaced by AI is really interesting and I liked the sci-fi approach with a political twist. I did, however, find the book a bit meandering in places and I couldn’t tell whether it was actually going anywhere or just offering a brief glimpse of a potential future society.

The final few chapters felt a little rushed with no real resolution for any of the characters and the open ending was unsatisfying.

Unfortunately not for me!

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.