A review by skudiklier
Know My Name, by Chanel Miller

emotional inspiring reflective sad medium-paced


This book is powerful, beautifully written, and both validating and infuriating. I had to stop reading at times because I was so angry, and of course it made me cry (though not as much as I would have anticipated, honestly). I got to listen to Chanel Miller read the book out loud, and I'm so glad I did. She reads it more slowly than I would have read a physical copy, and I'm grateful for spending the extra time sitting with this book and what happens in it. It made me realize things about some loved ones that I'd never considered before, and it made me realize things about myself, too. I'd recommend this book to anyone (and also recommend you follow @chanel_miller on Instagram because her comics are funny and inspirational and I just love the things she creates).

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