A review by bumbledragonb
This Dreaming Isle, by Gareth E. Rees, Catriona Ward, Richard V. Hirst, Angela Readman, Jeanette Ng, Alison Littlewood, Robert Shearman, Alison Moore, Gary Budden, Stephen Volk, Aliya Whiteley, Ramsey Campbell, Andrew Michael Hurley, James Miller, Jenn Ashworth, Dan Coxon, Tim Lebbon, Kirsty Logan


'The Pier at Ardentinny' by Catriona Ward [3/5]
'Old Trash' by Jenn Ashworth [1/5]
'In My Father's House' by Andrew Michael Hurley [2/5]
'Land of Many Seasons' by Tim Lebbon [2/5]
'Dark Shells' by Aliya Whiteley [1/5]
'Cold Ashton' by Stephen Volk [2/5]
'Domestic Magic (Or, things my wife and I found hidden in our house)' by Kirsty Logan [2/5]

'Not All Right' by James Miller [1/5]
'The Cocktail Party in Kensington Gets Out of Hand' by Robert Shearman [1/5] (After reading his short story 'The Best Story I Can Manage Under the Circumstances'in Five Stories High and this one, I am really starting to dislike this writer. Trying to hard to be quirky and 'weird'.)
'We Regret to Inform You' by Jeannette Ng [1/5]
'Lodestones' by Richard V. Hirst: [2/5]

'The Knucker' by Gareth E. Rees [2/5]
'The Stone Dead' by Alison Moore [3/5]
'Hovering (Or, a recollection of 25 February 2015)' by Gary Budden [2/5]
'The Headland of Black Rock' by Alison Littlewood [2/5]
'The Devil in the Details' by Ramsey Campbell [2/5]
'Swimming With Horses' by Angela Readman [2/5]