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Tell Me I'm Worthless by Alison Rumfitt

challenging dark emotional sad medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Character


It's a book that crawls under your skin to stay there. Its dark and gothic and full of trauma and horrible things happening. Si much exploration of trauma and its manifestations. Discossion on gender and transness, fascim and righr wirmng hate rising in britain. Its so very quer and so very british in its matter but also carries a lot of emotional weight that i think would carry over to non british audiences too.
Rumfitt is a skilled writer that boldly delves into darkest places and makes the reader feel them viscerally. The narrative voice weaves and blends tge perspectives of the characters, The House and omniscient narrator referencing things that have not yet came to pass. It makes you qestion what is really happenibg and what is in the mind, the nightmare state
This book is dark, trigger warnings galore, but it's not used for shock value. It all has a purpouse to tell a story and tobcreate thisvbleak universe that explores some of teh darkest things in midern british hearts that yet have roots deeply within this nations heart. It's both the worst case scenario and a warnungod what could happen
I love horror that has a messege that is explored through it and this one certeinly does. It made me want to step away and take a mental shower but i thinkbitsva really good book
Chilkung in its horror elements too like holly shit

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