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I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman by Nora Ephron

lighthearted fast-paced


CW: Racism, Classism in quotes from the book:

"I am never going back to Africa; the last time I was there, in 1972, there were no hairdressers out in the bush, and as far as I was concerned that was the end of that place."

"I envy all Asian women - I mean, have you ever seen an Asian woman whose hair looks bad? (No, you haven’t, why is this?)"

"The other day I passed a homeless woman on the street. […] I am only about eight hours a week away from becoming like that woman - with frizzled flyaway gray hair […], with a potbelly, […] with the dirty nails and chapped lips and moustache”. (Context: she now understands why some women are 'terrified of becoming a bag lady'" 

Peak rich white feminism. Redeemed to a two star because the last couple of chapters in particular felt very touching, as well as there being a decent amount of humour throughout the book.

A lot of this however boils down to whining over her money and privilege. She constantly whines about the amount she has to spend on maintaining her appearance into her old age. She whines that she eventually had to move out of her New York 8 bedroom apartment because rent was hitting $10.000 a month (in the NINETIES - that would be about double today). She whines that you're no longer allowed to pass your trauma onto your kids. There was a bizarre chapter about her obsession with Bill Clinton (war criminal).

Honestly even the introduction by Dolly Alderton was as pointless as a chocolate teapot. The majority of it is just quotes from the book that you'll be reading again in 20 minutes because they're in the book

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