A review by ravensatan
God of Malice by Rina Kent



I like a good bad book, I find them entertaining. That was the only reason I picked it up, and also because my taste in men is questionable. But I swear to God, I found Killian so damn insufferable.

So I’ll go in order through the things I hate the most and took note of.

1. Sometimes we spend like 4 chapters on a single scene

It was like a fight scene in anime, where we spend like 4 episodes in ONE single fight. And it’s due to the fact that she describes EVERYTHING. It's a nightmare in slow motion.

First chapter opens up and we spend 15 pages on Killian's eyes. I get it, dark, no light, wrap it up. And there's also the annoying breaking the fourth wall. Every time a character was like: "And yes, as I said before I did this…", I was like that tiktok sound: Who are you talking to right now???

And despite the fact that she explains EVERYTHING, she doesn't explain the things she SHOULD. Sometimes a character was doing something, and the next, out of no where, there sitting somewhere else.

2. Talking like 30 year olds when they're not even 20

Why are these kids that aren't even 20, making threats like a 30 year old capo? Worst thing is, they're not ACTING as if they were older, they are just TALKING as if they were. So they seem like a bunch of spoiled brats. Every time Niko made a threat of skinning someone or sending them
in a casket, an angel cried, a bird lost a feather, and a tree died. It was so cringey.

3. Killian

He just can’t take a “no” for a fucking answer and it’s cringe as fuck. He kept pushing, and pushing and pushing. And if it were stablished, that it was Glyndon's style and that she enjoyed it, then I'd be like "oh, it's just her kink". BUT HE ACTUALLY DIDN'T KNOW THAT. So he was pushing her just to get his way.

It was so fucking annoying every time he would grab her or touch her, and she'd ask him to PLEASE let her go and he just never had the decency to do it.

I've never been so crazy against a male lead, to the point that I was rooting for her family to find out and kill him.

4. Remi and his lordship can go to hell, fucking annoying and cringey as fuck.

They were supposed to be ADULTS, and they were interacting like 15 year olds.

5. Contradictory

In some scenes, Killian says he's never hiding his true self with Glyn. And she actually believes it.

A few pages later, her inner monologue is "I need to see the real him" ????

It's that type of writing in which the author just keeps telling us things without actually SHOWING them. His father talks about how Killian is a monster, and how he just doesn't care. He talks about how now Rei can see the monster of a son they have. And then, he tells Kill that he doesn't have a favorite son, and that he sees them both the same. ???

The author keeps telling you how a character is, if they're quiet, brave, bold, etc, but she doesn't really show it.

6. Too sexual

Her family and the words “fuck” “raw” “stuffed” and "cum” should not be in the same sentence

They were talking about sex (and having it) every five minutes. She just says "Bye, I'm going to sleep" and he's like "…and dream of my cock inside of you filling you with my-" SIR, shut the fuck up. If I had a partner and every time I breathed they were talking about their cock, I'd leave them in a psychiatric institution and run for my life. And I’m a psych major.

Anywho, the ending was horrible too. It made no sense the complete hatred her “friend” felt against her. She did nothing wrong. I get that he used her, but why the complete hate speech?

I loved Cece, and I’d like to read her story, and Creigh’s too, but the writing is so damn bad I don’t feel like putting myself through this again. But probably will because I’m a masoquist.

1/5 star and it’s only for Cece