A review by beckyreadsfantasy
House of Hollow, by Krystal Sutherland


I have mixed feelings about this!
I loved the synopsis, was so excited to start........thats it.

The language was very mixed with lots of americanisms (Butt, side walk and others that I can't remember right now) used by what have been introduced as English Characters in a story set in the UK! This wouldnt normally be something I notice but the language was just so out of place they really stood out, which did end up mythering me some what.

It did not scare me or give me the creeps so that aspect fell flat.

I am just not a fan of this story or the style of writing.

Some books I have read and reviewed in 2022 are ruining my average review score, I look like a total misery. I will endevour to be more selective about the rest of my reads for this year.