A review by stevenk
Grendel Omnibus, Vol. 1: Hunter Rose, by Zander Cannon, Woodrow Phoenix, Stan Shaw, Andy Kuhn, Duncan Fegredo, Chris Sprouse, Jim Mahfood, Scott Morse, Mike Allred, Jill Thompson, Tim Bradstreet, Tim Sale, Paul Chadwick, Tom Fowler, D'Israeli, Michael Avon Oeming, Jason Pearson, John Paul Leon, John K. Snyder, David W. Mack, Kelley Jones, Arnold Pander, Cliff Chiang, Michael Zulli, Bernie Mirault, Mike Huddleston, Phil Hester, Ashley Wood, Dean Motter, Ho Che Anderson, Teddy Kristiansen, Darick Robertson, Jacob Pander, Mike Hawthorne, Andi Watson, Phil Noto, Farel Dalrymple, Matt Wagner, Dan Brereton, Guy Davis, Jay Geldhof, Stan Sakai


The first volume of the stories of Matt Wagner's Grendel presented in chronological order tells the story of his original creation, Hunter Rose, mysterious millionaire by day and expert assassin and criminal mastermind by night. The stories in this book pull in the entirety of the mythology that develops around the Grendel persona and shows the origin of the devil that inspired generations of characters to follow. Familiar superhero comic elements: extraordinary abilities, secret identities, young ward, magic, gangsters and dedicated police and reporters investigating it all presented with a decidedly dark and violent nior tone. Different artists illustrating stories in a palate limited to black & white & red give you something new every story and bring their own tone with them even though all of the tales are written by Wagner. This book reprints the stories from: Grendel: Devil by the Deed; Grendel: Black, White, & Red; Grendel: Red, White, & Black; and Grendel: Behold the Devil.