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Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

adventurous funny mysterious tense medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


[sixth read, January-February 2024]
I don’t even know what to say at this point. I’ve made the jokes, felt the feels, said I love this series in damn near every way under the sun. And it’s all true. I stand by every bit of it. Reading any VAU book will always feel like coming home to me, no matter how old I get or what else is going on in my life, and this time is no exception. 💗

I was overthinking things again, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a good thing Sydney busted Keith’s illicit operation for more than just the obvious reasons. If she hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been sent to re-education, and Lee would’ve targeted him instead. Keith probably would’ve died, which on its own wouldn’t be any real tragedy. (Sorry not sorry.) But then he wouldn’t have any knowledge of re-education, and thus couldn’t point Adrian and Marcus in the right direction when they’re looking for Sydney in Silver Shadows. It’s so fascinating to me to think that he, of all people, ends up being so vital to Sydney’s rescue—because without him, who knows how long it would’ve taken for them to locate her, or what might’ve been done to her in the meantime—and that things would have been so different if not for him.

[fifth read, October 2022]
Yep, still trash for this series.

Sydney, Eddie, Jill and Adrian are my favorite little dysfunctional found family and I’m so glad to be back. 💗

THEORY: Robert Doru is the spirit user that healed Lee. I know there’s no real reason to believe this is true and it could just as easily have been an unnamed Moroi we’ll never meet. Maybe Richelle doesn’t even know who it is. But in Spirit Bound, it’s mentioned that Robert had been holed up in Las Vegas for some time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he went back after Victor’s death in Last Sacrifice. Vegas isn’t too far away from LA, which seems to be where Lee always was, both as a Moroi and a Strigoi. It’s also mentioned in Spirit Bound that Robert had a bondmate that died. Maybe Lee was Robert’s bondmate, and that was the older man’s motivation to try to restore him from his Strigoi state. (The more I think about this, the less it makes sense, but whatever.)

[fourth read, October 2021]
Me in 2020: I’m 100% sure I am, and will always be, trash for this series.

Yeah, basically. Adrian trolling Keith, Sydney starting to care for Jill like a sister, the barest hints of Sydney and Adrian liking each other amidst all of the banter (which will always be ICONIC)… well, for lack of a better word, it’s iconic. ;))

Being back in this world, with these characters, has literally made my entire week. I know they’re going to break my heart, but I don’t care, because they’ve stolen my heart. Forever obsessed. 🥹🥹

Also, this whole squad must be protected. At all costs. 💗

[third read, June 2020]
Me in 2019: I’m 97% sure I’m still trash for this series.
Me in 2020: I’m 100% sure I am, and will always be, trash for this series.

Some thoughts:
  • Jill is a precious bean and I want to give her a hug.
  • Eddie puts so much pressure on himself and he needs a hug.
  • I‘m not sure what I said about Ms. Terwilliger previously, but she’s great. She’s scatterbrained but means well and if I brushed her off before, disregard that. 10/10.
  • Sydney, Adrian, would you please just KISS ALREADY? :))

[second read, September 2019]
Although my reread ended up taking two weeks, I thoroughly enjoyed my return to this series. Much like with Vampire Academy, I now realize that the objective quality of this novel is questionable, but I loved, laughed, and lamented all the same.

Bloodlines brings back the world and politics I’m so fond of and shines the spotlight on some minor characters introduced in the original series. It introduces new schemes and a delicious, denial-ridden slow-burn romance. And, if memory serves, for every heartwarming scene in the remaining five installments, there will likely be twice as many that are utterly heartbreaking.

I could say more, but even these simple paragraphs have been a struggle. Apparently after midnight I forget how words work and can’t eloquently express any thoughts.

To put it simply, I love Sydney and Adrian with everything in me, and I’m 97% sure I’m still trash for this series. On to book two!

[first read, September 2016]
I went into this with high expectations after finishing VA, but not really sure what to expect. As usual, Richelle has awed me! I love how drastically different both the story and lead characters are in this book from VA. Less important characters get their turn in the spotlight, Adrian included, and I was so happy about that. There wasn't romance, but I think/hope something will develop between Sydney and Adrian later because it would be cute and humorous. And while the first half was slower, the second half (so roughly the last 220 pages) had me hooked. I can't wait to continue this series! (Although I'm expecting serious feels and heartbreak, after my history with this world.)

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