A review by thesmudge
Inferno, by Dan Brown


This was my first Dan Brown book. I must say that I really enjoyed it. Fast paced with a tight story that does not get bogged down in the middle with filler like so many other books. Sure there are one or two "Deus Ex Machina" moments in the story but they do not take away from the drama and excitement that the book creates. The characters for the most part of sufficiently complex and believable. The action takes place in environments in which one longs for a museum picture book so that you guy better see the things he describes. But the descriptions are usually enough to allow you to see them in your minds eye.

Standard fiction is not something I typically read often, I am more a science fiction guy but I must say I found this novel a joy to read and I could not wait to get back to it when I had to take breaks. I consumed this novel entirely via audiobook and there was more than one time in which I found myself sitting in the parking garage at work or in the driveway at home and continue to listen until I reached a suitable stopping point that would not drive me crazy.

As for this being Dan Brown, there are those who would care and those who do not. Most who care do so because of him being the author of "The Da Vinci Code". A book/movie that stirred much controversy. I for one have not read that book but I have read enough synopsis etc. to know that while the world in his book is one in which it thinks it has proven Christianity false it ultimately is a world of fantasy that essentially falls down under scrutiny if one tries to apply it to reality. I wont read it as I find the concept rubbish and it offends my faith. Having said that, I see no problem in reading his other works and enjoy them. I may try another of his at some point in the future.