A review by crypticbeliever123
All Systems Red, by Martha Wells


It was a slow start and after the first couple chapters I was thinking that most people were just overhyping the series. Then about halfway through things started to really pick up and get intense, particularly where Murderbot's secret coming out was involved. This was a short read and I probably could've finished it in one sitting if I'd tried to. Murderbot was a fantastic character, even if their personality was a tad lacking at times but hey they're a robot so that makes sense. I also really liked Mensah's character. She was a very good leader and had compassion for Murderbot even when some of the crew was against them. If this book were a bit longer or the start were a bit quicker it would probably be an easy 4 stars but as it is I'm giving it a 3.5 star rating just because of the 8 chapters it had, the first two didn't really impress me much. Still an enjoyable read though. My biggest complaint is that I couldn't keep track of any of the human characters' personalities or even pronouns beyond Mensah is a good leader and she has a heart, Gurathin was kinda a jerk to Murderbot and I think referred to as he but beyond them I couldn't really remember any of them.