A review by readingwithhippos
American Fairytale by Adriana Herrera


I was all about the first book in the Dreamers series, and I loved this follow-up just as much. Milo, a social worker, has a sexy encounter with a stranger at a fancy fundraising gala. At work the next day, his boss introduces him to Tom, the new donor who’s bankrolling their latest project AND (you guessed it) the same guy Milo just got up close and personal with. Although they vow to keep things professional, sometimes chemistry is too strong to ignore (!!). I just love this series. The characters all feel so real, which is not a thing I expected to say about a billionaire romance. There's no manufactured drama here--the conflicts are genuine, and complicated, and not solvable with a single conversation. The side characters are always delightful, too, funny and warm and surrounding the main characters with perspective and support. There's just something deeply comforting about a social worker being provided funds to make people's lives better. Also, Sean Crisden is probably my favorite audio book narrator ever. I don’t think there’s an accent, age, or gender he can’t effortlessly convey.