A review by whathollyread
Radiant Sin, by Katee Robert


This was for sure the sweetest and tamest in the Dark Olympus series. For this book Katee Robert basically locks everyone in at a house party for a week (that draaaaaaggggged) to figure out what the outsiders are plotting to do to Olympus. Inside the house we have half of the Thirteen plus all of their plus ones. And that is how we get Apollo and Cassandra there as a newly minted fake couple. To be honest, I forgot they were fake dating pretty quick. It never really came up as an issue that they weren’t a real couple. Everyone was kind of on board with it, except for the media and maybe a few of the Thirteen (?) which was never an issue (because they were locked in a house the whole book).

I really liked Casandra and her outside of the Thirteen point of view. I felt like we finally got some real human responses to the absolute crazytown that is Olympus. I also LOVED that we got a little bit of Hermes as an ex-lover and we were shown a little bit more of a softer and realistic side of her. I also really like that everyone in these books is just casually bi. I just love it. Love is love is love. Beautiful!

Apollo was fine. He was sweet, and a caring dom. That is all. I don’t understand how he can do his job, honestly he doesn’t sound very good at it. He’s just good at hiring people. Which, I guess is also an important skill set.

I really enjoyed the sweet love scenes between Cassandra and Apollo. Like I said before, for a Katee Robert book they felt TAME. I still enjoyed them. Not gonna lie, the smut kept me reading at a few dragging points in the book.

This overall plot was a solid meh. It was slow and very predictable. It felt like a fun in between book, that its only purpose is to drive the Dark Olympus plot a little further. Which, okay fine. We got a lot more Hermes, LOVE, and we get to see her plan starting to come to the forefront. That’s what’s going to keep me reading these books. I’m actually excited to read the next one about Aphrodite and Hephaestus. I’m too invested not to at the point.