A review by sharonleavy
A Cowboy to Remember, by Barbara Ankrum


This was free via BookBub.

When I read that this had one of my favourite tropes - the childhood pact - I had to give it a go. Surprisingly, it was much sweeter than I expected once I left the now famous cynical old bitch hat hanging on the coat rack.

Olivia Canaday is an Olympic standard equestrian who hasn't ridden a horse in years - her confidence has been shaken by both an accident and a bad marriage and divorce.

Jake Lassen is a cowboy and helicopter pilot who has served time in Afghanistan and now returned to the small Montana town of Marietta after 12 years.

Jake and Olivia were childhood best friends who promised each other they'd get together when they turned 30 if they were both still single. For the first time in their lives, they're both single at the same time - but are either of them the same person after so long? Are either of them ready for what the other has to offer?

This was sweet, sexy, and just long enough (that's what she said, fnar fnar). Some of the "big strong soldier" stuff did get a little too much at times, but I really liked Olivia and I liked how she wasn't a damsel in distress. This was a happy surprise, and one I'd gladly re-read were I in the humour for a palate cleanser in between heavier books. A lovely way to spend a cold morning.