A review by jokoloyo
The Decagon House Murders, by Yukito Ayatsuji


First, I want to say thank you for Sanny who introduced me with this novel, and more importantly introduced me with Honkaku mystery genre. Honkaku means orthodox in Japan, and this genre keeps the whodunit mystery stories alive in Japan. I admit I didn't know the existence of Honkaku mystery before I read this novel.

This is an isolated-island murder mystery with the clues, red herrings, and so on with climax when readers found whodunit.

In my opinion, the mystery and climax is good, just as expected. I expected a twist at climax, and I like the twist. I was reading the last pages at the morning and still sleepy, then the climax words successfully slapped me into fully awake.

I recommend this novel for whodunit stories fans. If you don't know Honkaku genre, I recommend to search a bit about it, as what I have been doing for several days.

EDIT NOTE: I previously only mentioned the genre as Honkaku. Sanny corrected me.