A review by jane_kelsey
The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik


This sequel was soooooooo good! I loved being back at Scholomance and with El and her friends. I love reading from El's perspective, she is still incredibly sassy and aloof, but the reader can feel her not only growing up as a human, but also in power. I loved the fact that we can FINALLY SEE SOME AWESOME MAGIC HAPPENING! LIKE COME ON!!!
El is amazing and loved to see what she could do. Orion still an adorable bundle of joy and loved him so much, I literally wanted to protect him the whole time, and his pouting about wanting to kill malia was incredibly adorable.
The plot dragged here and there when the politics of Scholomance, however there was a logical sense to it in the end even if if I felt it messed up a bit with the pacing.