A review by serena_dawn
California Demon by Julie Kenner


I felt I waded through this book a bit, Kate's family life just isn't that interesting to me, or rather I should say her daughters swim -boy crush wasn't (which meant I missed a big hint) and neither is second husband's political job. I like her friendship with her neighbor - that's about the only think that feels real to me.

I think it really irks something in me that she doesn't have a education or a part time job at least. Demon-hunting could count but not for good pay or something "normal". Nor does she desire one. Sure you could say she is supposed to be a at home mother/housekeeper & cook but she doesn't really do that. Her husband suspects something is up (finally!)...but he thinks she's cheating?

There was a cheating husband in this but it was her friends.

But...what she learns about her first husband makes her suspect he is still running about in another man's body.....

There is also the small fact that her daughter knows about demons now. So despite so many misses I am still going to finish this series.