A review by jasmineadetunji
Bound by Hatred, by Cora Reilly


*3.5 stars*
i found Gianna kind of annoying tbh. i understand that mafia men are not necessarily good people and the mafia is not a good thing generally, but i think she had a hard time accepting that she was born into it and couldn’t escape it. when she finally got a taste of “normal” life is when she realized how hard it is and could recognize that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, even if it was covered in blood.

she was extremely prideful and self-sabotaging which was EXTREMELY frustrating to read. she made things so much harder for herself and everyone around her and was completely aware of it but didn’t care bc of her pride.

nonetheless the book had an ending i was satisfied with and i really enjoyed the plot, action, conflict, and the spice.