A review by jacob_books_corneryt
Heir to Thorn and Flame by Ben Alderson


Heir to Thorn and Flame follows Max as he realizes that he is a Mage. Then we are drawn into a political atmosphere where things spiral out of control.

Some big things that set this book out for the rest is the fact the MC is queer. I'll read anything with queer rep but for a very long time there I felt like fantasy was lacking, especially with MC at the front. I though the magic was thought out and paced well throughout the novel. Max himself was a very likeable character that I was excited to watch developed into the character he was in the end. 

However, one of the big reason the book didn't work for me was the structure of the novel. Parts of the romance, and the fact it was a tad bit too long. I felt like I read two books in one at certain points. I also felt like the dragons that do make an appearance are fleeting. With that being said, I quite enjoyed the steamy parts. 

Overall, I landed on 3.5 stars. 

Would recommend.