A review by aemilova
Black Water Sister, by Zen Cho


Wow. This was amazing. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I started it but as I kept reading I kept getting more and more invested and hooked. It was such a roller coaster!
The thing that impressed me the most was how well Zen Cho has captured what growing up in a foreign country that to some extent feels more like home than your native country. And having the contrast between her, having moved to the US when she was little, and her parents, who moved when they had a certain age already, is amazing. How her perception of her parents change from when she's living in the US to when they're in Malaysia and how she feels in both places. Both home yet not really home. I could relate to that so much and reading it made me feel a little less lonely when it comes to worries related to these things.
And then the whole gods part was amazing. I know very little about Malaysia and the gods and religions that are prevalent there but this made me very curious. The author mentions a few books about the topics in the acknowledgments so I might check them out at some point.
The vibe that this book creates amazed me and made me enjoy it so much! The writing, the pacing, the twist are very well curated and make a great companion while you're reading.