A review by travelgirlut
The Color Purple, by Alice Walker


I'm glad this book ended the way it did, otherwise I would've thought it was the saddest, most depressing book I've ever read. It makes me angry to know that women are treated the way the are in the book even in our world today. There are a few disturbing scenes in the book, so if you don't like reading somewhat graphic rape and sex scenes, then this book is not for you. The most graphic stuff is right at the beginning, so if you get pas that it gets better. But there is abuse, mental and physical, all over the place.

It was nice to see how most of the characters in the book changed and grew into better people over time. It's kind of like when all their sex drives wore out they were finally able to be their normal selves. Humans can do some really terrible things for sex.

I thought the writing of southern dialect was done very well. The author of [b:The Help|4667024|The Help|Kathryn Stockett|http://photo.goodreads.com/books/1297358814s/4667024.jpg|4717423] could have taken some notes here. The world of Celie is so vividly rendered that I found myself needing some time to adjust to real life whenever I'd put the book down.

So while I can see how this book is rated so highly by others, I'm only giving it three stars for graphic content since I almost put it down and didn't finish it right from the beginning.