A review by blueepl
Dark Redemption, by Aja James


I had to take a break after the previous book because i was so overwhelmed with its awesomeness. Now I'm back..to being obsessed that is. I have to be honest and say that i didn't really care about this couple at first. Maybe its because we didn't get to anticipate it. The story was given to us before we really wanted to read it. Or its because it came after Tal's book. However, this is a perfectly good story and i couldn't put it down once i started.

I loved Eli's inner monologue especially before he got his memories back. I thought it was hilarious. His power was also super cool and dramatic. I liked that his son was involved in the story and they sort of buried the hatchet and hope see more of their relationship. Was Eli and Tal living parallel lives? They both suffered in the hands of the Anu-bitch, in different ways, and they both had long hair, the opposite color, which they cut. I felt that there was a parallel there.

I really liked Clara as well. Why would she ever trust a total stranger like that? Well this is a supernatural world after all so i got over it fast enough. Are she and Annie really related? Is there something more to Clara's past and family? I'd really like to know in some future book.

What is going to happen with Dalair and Sophia? I'm worried. Can't get to the next book fast enough.