A review by ssejig
Aphrodite's Secret by Julie Kenner


Jason Murphy hasn't really lived the last seven years. Right after he found out his girlfriend was pregnant, he was captured by Hieronymous, the uber-bad-guy of the series, who is also Jason's father. He was trapped in fish form (oh, yeah, he's a Protector, superpowers good inventions, etc.) in a glass bowl for six years and spent the last year trying to get back into the good graces of the High Council as well as working up the nerve to meet his son.
Unfortunately, his introduction comes when Hieronymous tries to kidnap Davy (the son) from Sea World. The rest of the story is Jason and his friends and family trying to thwart Hieronymous' latest takeover-the-world-scheme and Jason trying to create a family with his son and the woman he still loves.
Maybe it's because this was a re-read for me but I knew I had to suspend quite a bit of disbelief, skim a lot of the story, and just enjoy the story for the light fiction that it is.