A review by jmbibliolater
Back in the Burbs by Tracy Wolff, Avery Flynn


I really do not know what I just read. Reading Back In the Burbs was like being on a fun roller coaster ride where you are left a bit dizzy and a little out of sorts.

The writing is ranty (yes, that's not a word but how do else do I describe it?) yet witty and filled with pure sarcasm. I laughed or chuckled so often that my husband gave me the side eye on more than one occasion. The characters are all just a little bit eccentric with questionable judgment and loads of baggage. But, I just love the fact Back in the Burbs is a redemption story of a 35 year old women who spent a decade making bad choices that left her at rock bottom.

May we all learn our self-worth and personal power at the rock bottom of a hoarder's house.