A review by chronographia
Elf Fantastic, by Tanya Huff, Barbara Delaplace, Janni Lee Simner, Mark A. Garland, C.J. Henderson, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Andre Norton, Lawrence Schimel, Martin Harry Greenberg, Diana L. Paxson, David Niall Wilson, Lynn Abbey, Dennis L. McKiernan, Michelle Sagara West, Richard Gilliam, Karen Haber, Lawrence C. Connolly, Craig Shaw Gardner, John Howe, Jane Lindskold, John Goodnow, Jody Lynn Nye


A very mixed bag consisting of a handful of decent short stories and offensively bad short stories, with a few attempts at a novella thrown in. Ultimately the problem with stories about elves is that they all sound alike after a while, the good blending in with the bad.

Book cull 2014: I Could Be Using This Shelf Space For Something I Like.